Santa Marta selected to host the 2017 Bolivarian Games


Colombian football fans and the residents in Santa Marta celebrated as Santa Marta was selected to host the 2017 Bolivarian Games having been decided by a unanimous vote of the Bolivarian Sports Organization.

The choice of Santa Marta is of particular significance, as it plays a significant role in the history of Latin American countries, as in the Quinta de San Alejandrino, in that city on the Caribbean coast, spent his last days the Venezuelan independence hero Simon Bolivar, who died on December 17, 1830, which surrenders permanent tribute.

Organizers allocated a budget of $ 170 million to renovate facilities many of which are around 50 years old and will serve as the backdrop for the event and all the extra infrastructure required for a project of this nature. These include the building of a new stadium and Villa Bolivariana, conceived as a center of urban development.

Although the capital will be the main venue, the XVIII Games will have two subsites, Aracataca mad famous by the Nobel winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the town of Cienaga will also participate.

A third location is the city of Barranquilla, capital of the department of the Atlantic, where sports such as golf, horse riding, shooting and track cycling will be held.

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Money rains from the sky in Santa Marta

money-catchIt sounds like a scene from a movie or an attempt to cause a distraction while a person escapes as people who were at the beach today along Rodadero witnessed a man throwing handfuls of money from a balcony.

Locals, tourists and even swimmers headed to the street close to the building where they joined the street vendors chasing money “raining from the sky.

The man who was described as eccentric later left the building, headed to the street and paid for a small band to play music.

This kind of thing does not happen regularly in Colombia but it is not the first time that someone has for no apparent reason thrown money from a balcony on to the streets below.

Pico & Placa to be suspended in historical center

Pico and Placa in the historic center of the city of Santa Marta is to be suspended temporarily from June 24 until July 19.

The decision was made to make the city more tourist friendly during this busy holiday period. For foreign visitors particularly “pico y placa” can cause problems and whether it is through ignorance, confusion or lack of caring every year visitors are fined for breach of the regulations. The temporary suspension of the measure, is intended to give to those who visit the city at this time of holidays and Fiestas del Mar, a pleasant and happy experience without any problems.

On previous occasions, to such date, there have been several conflicts with tourists and foreigners, which ignore the rules as throughout the year in this capital, they are punished.

For this reason, the District Administration has studied the possibility to suspend the rule and thus generate a good atmosphere, suitable for visitors and tourists, which these days come, feel comfortable and stay remained unaffected while rest and enjoy the holidays.

The suspension does not apply to commercial vehicles.

The District Administration is also studying the possibility of allowing vehicles to park on any street in the historic center of the city, where signs now prohibiting parking. Parking would be allowed during fixed hours are from 12 noon to 2 pm and 6 pm to 7 and 30 am. This measure will be ongoing until December of this year, if approved.

Santa Marta and Miami sign a decree of brotherhood

By signing the decree of brotherhood between the two cities the mayors of the two cities have demonstrated the strong bonds between the Atlantic region of Colombia and the city of Miami and shows the city’s confidence, security in the small city of Santa Marta.

Such an agreement will no doubt boost tourism and the possibility of more Americans coming to Santa Marta and possibly see more investment in the region.

via El Informador.

Colombia Nature Travel Mart Agency Tours

Colombia is preparing to host their second Colombia Nature Travel Mart which will highlight the great biodiversity and wealth of natural attractions to be found around the country.

The event will he held in September and begin with a meeting in Santa Marta on September 27th.

The attractions which will be highlighted include the birdlife, whales, scuba diving on the Caribbean’s second largest coral reef, the country’s cultural treasures.

The destinations which are particularly of interest include Santa Marta and Cartagena on the Caribbeancoast, SanAndres, the coffee region, Bogota, Amazon and the Pacific coast

Tour agencies that are interested in participating please see

Colombia Nature Travel Mart, Where Adventures Can Be Enjoyed from Snowy Peaks to The Depths of the Amazon Year-Round! | Adventure Travel News.

Income of Travel Agencies Falls 6,5%

Travel Agency Income: In the first quarter of 2013, nominal income travel agents fell 6.5%, compared with that recorded in the first quarter of 2012, when there had been a 11.6% increase.

Persons employed: Employed personnel increased 0.7% in the first quarter of 2013 compared with the same quarter of 2012, when there had been an increase of 4.3%.

Nominal Income: In the last twelve months to the first quarter 2013, the nominal income decreased 1.0% relative to the previous year, when there had been a 15.8% increase.

Personnel employed : In the last twelve months to the first quarter 2013, the employed persons increased 0.8%, compared to the previous year, when there had been an increase of 2.9%.

via Santa Fe Station 1070 am Radio Live.

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